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The Last Strigany Prophecy


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The fulfillment of the last Strigany Prophecy.

The chapter below was translated from a manuscript, found by the brave Bretonnian errant Curtio du Bois de Bucq, during the second attempt to reclaim Mousillon from the undead.

“… and it was then, that our last hour in Mousillon came forth, since our Lord and Vampire Master Daïdaroth instructed us, spiritual leaders of His true and rightful people of the Strigany, to find ways to resurrect and maintain the remnants of the army of His rival, the foul Blood Dragon Vampire Khaï DrachZahn.

It was an unfair fight, our caravans being outnumbered and attacked by all sides, while we traveled so far to seek for peace and quiet for our unfairly hunted Master.  If it was not for His son, Ikharoth, we would all have switched our eternal life for the dust of the earth.

Diving swiftly from the sky, he spiked Khaï with his deadly claws, lifting him from his barded saddle, tearing him limb for limb, and hereby sending the attacking metal clad horde of former Bretonnian braves back to oblivion.

Too late again, His other, far from rightful and smelly minions of ghouls came to aid, again betraying our praised Master.  Although the magnitude of time we spend in desperately seeking answers in every possible way, we never fully grasped His greater plan with these animals.  And yet again, we had to repel these ghouls to spare our fallen beloved ones to be devoured by those animals, and give them the proper rituals for the afterlife.

So this provided us yet another reason to start with utmost dedication to the given task of reviving the slain and heavily armored enemies.  If we failed, the ghouls might finally overwhelm us, to claim their place next to His throne.  But if we succeeded, a new era might be born, one where we finally come out of the shadows of forests and wilderness.  It would fulfill the old prophecy, visioning the reclaim of our long promised land of Strigos.

And only today, we found a long lost artifact in the doomed and ruined city of Mousillon.  It is believed to be created by the powerful necromancer Blechbecher, at least which is what is told.  It was the Dark Grail ! Made to trick all folks looking for a holy grail, its main powers lay in transforming all who drank from it into their respective undead counterparts.

If only we could extend its working powers into reviving already long dead braves, our task would be considered a great success.  Let us now contemplate and find the right path to accomplish our tasks, so we can leave the foul ghouls behind on our path through the lands known to be Fully Tilted with other armies that can only flee or be crushed for the higher purpose of reaching the promised lands !

Let us commence with the following experiment on the Grail.  If only …”

The original manuscript suddenly stops here.  It was believed to be of the hands of the brother Necromancers Bohemosh and Slovakosh, giving a clue on what might have happened with the long feared but eventually disappeared strigoï vampires of Mousillon.

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